A Word from Tony Weir, Program/Music Director for The House FM / My Praise FM

In December we celebrated our 20th year of ministry. For me it was a great chance to look back and think of all of the people who have helped us make a difference in people’s lives by sharing the Good News of Christ with them. We spent time looking all the way back to the very beginning of the ministry where so many were excited to support and volunteer for a radio station they couldn’t even hear yet. That’s faith! We have seen God grow this ministry in ways we never imagined possible over the last 20 years. Who would have thought in 1992 that this radio ministry would be listened to on the Internet in more than 100 countries around the world on a daily basis and that people would be able to listen on the phone they keep in their pocket? To God be the Glory! And in all of this… we say THANKS! Thanks to our incredible supporters God has used to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people.

During our annual Pledge Drive season, we ask you to help us “pass it on”. Each year, this listener-supported station must raise our operations budget to continue to do our day-to-day ministry. We also budget for outreach. We want to be ready to join God in His work wherever He leads us. Our staff prays daily that we will be open to God’s leading for what we do as a station and to be ready when other opportunities come knocking on our door. We look for ways to be involved with YOU and your community and what God is doing there.

Your support helps us:
     -  Minister to and encourage listeners daily on the radio / computers / mobile devices
     -  Join other ministries who are reaching out to help those in need and share Christ
     -  Be available for people who are seeking, and offer them the love of Christ.

I pray that you will help us pass on God’s love, peace, grace and comfort through our ministry this year with your support during Pledge Drive.

I also pray that you will help us in two other important areas:

  1. Prayer – Will you pray for this ministry? Pray especially that God will continue to work through the lives of supporters to help us not only continue to do what we do every day, but continue to grow and reach out to new areas and with new technology. Also pray for your fellow listeners. There are so many people hurting today and many are seeking answers, relief and encouragement. We try to provide these and hope you will pray with us for our community of listeners.
  2. Pass It On – You’ve heard the phrase “word of mouth.”..It really is so important when you share our ministry with people you know--and even those you don’t. Billboards help, but aren’t you much more likely to try something because a trusted friend has suggested it? Just imagine if each of you shared our radio frequency / web site / mobile app with 5 friends? What a difference that would make! Not only would listenership increase, but what a difference it would make in those listeners’ lives!

Every day we hear of someone who has been touched by God through the ministry. We are so thrilled when we hear of someone coming to a saving knowledge of Christ and accepting Him as Savior at an event or through a broadcast. It’s also a blessing to know that God is encouraging His people in their daily walk with Him. People who are dealing with health issues, problems in their marriages or with family members, stressful working conditions or unemployment and financial trouble are finding strength to carry on as God speaks through the music, DJ’s and speakers.

Your support during Pledge Drive is what makes this ministry continue and grow. Please pray about your family’s support of The House FM and My Praise FM this year.

Your support will PASS IT ON …
        … to unbelievers to hear the Gospel of Christ
                … through prison bars to minister to those incarcerated
                        … to people in foreign lands hungry for truth and encouragement
                                … to those serving our country away from home
                                        … to missionaries who need encouragement
                                                … to your community and help people in need
                                                        … to your neighbor who needs Jesus, too!

Tony Weir
Program Director


P.S.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read this and pray for our Pledge Drive. I hope we can count on your support for another incredible year of God’s blessings.