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Stronger Together in Prayer

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Dear God Praise Reports

Interview (7/27) update

7/27/2016 8:27:01 PM

Interview went well! I asked several good questions, and handed the interviewees my Vocational Specialist & Job Coach's names. One of the biggest help I received, was one of the interviewee's have heard of the Vocational Support, & has worked with some of the recipients; so she is familiar with the way this kind of program operates. They also handed me a 'back round check' that they give to those whom they are interested in! However, I was told to wait up to 3 weeks before I hear from them about whether or not they have decided to go with me. Now, I have to be patient as I wait.... patience is something the Lord did not bless me with, & this is yet another test I must endure!! Please, pray for a calm & non-worrisome mind as I endure, and Grand Lake replies faster than anticipated with a job offer! Thanks for all the prayers! :-) Amber

Amber, OK

Clarity and Peace

7/20/2016 8:01:04 PM

I have been struggling with unrest and constant confusion and feeling torn for several years. I have been prayed for many times at my church, received a personal prophecy and I have finally gotten a breakthrough! I have had to make very tough decisions, but well worth it in the end. I now have a peace that I cannot describe and my relationship with my husband is the best its ever been! I just thank God for taking the confusion and feeling torn away! I gave it to God and He wiped it all away! Thank you to The House FM for your songs at the right time and holding me up with good teaching and helping me focus on God in spite of the storms!

Beth, KS


7/8/2016 12:20:53 PM

I requested prayers for my husband to get a job so he can find fulfillment again. He got the job last August and since then he has received 20% increase in pay and he is now in a Senior Role. Thank you for your prayers!! He carried us and it is because of your prayers!!

Alicia, IA

Thank you for the prayers !

6/28/2016 5:47:46 AM

Thank you House FM, staffs and fellow brothers and sisters. For your prayers, thing have turn for the better and improve financially for me, since your prayers started, thank you and praise be to our Lord, for His blessing upon me and my family. Thank you.


Thank you

6/27/2016 5:12:58 PM

I want to thank the staff of House FM along with Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. Things are still stressful awaiting some tests for manic depression which runs in the family finally something to work on. God is good to me teaching me his way as I draw closer to him. Father God has brought so many new people in my life who are prayer warriors and has taught me about faith in him. I still have a ways to go but the future is bright and I will not give up God is in control!!!

Elmer, Ks

Thankful Jesus Is In My Life

6/27/2016 8:12:11 AM

Trust in him No Mater what & Run To him Always Even When You Fail Or If Your Bad Past Want's To Condemn You. Jesus Is Our Everything he Is Mine I Know Fore Sure Thank You For Being in The Life Saving Sol Saving/Restoration Business Jesus. & Thank You For Your People & The House FM & 88.7 & Doyle & Nancy Tony Jenn D Ect Ect! I Love U All So Much! Bless Your Hearts & Family's!

Tim Or tj, OK


6/23/2016 12:59:00 PM

Glory to God! My boyfriend has decided to become my husband and we are excited. Asking for God's help in the financial and to keep us strong for him and our marriage. Only God's will here and I see the change it is making in the lives of us and all the children involved. Praying they will keep searching for his love and finding it. God's will and timing is wonderful.


Thank you for answering prayers!

6/20/2016 9:04:27 AM

I Thank God for answering my prayers, I have been involved in a legal issue foe more than a year, huge bills from lawyers, unable to work but praise the Lord he says "mine is the battle" and the truth will prevail, now I have my license restored. Still need prayer to restore my business and find a husband. Amen


Thank you

6/16/2016 10:48:06 PM

In 2014 my husband passed away. He died of service connected issues. I am not sure what and when I had posted on the prayer wall after that for I know that I was in need of several things. I would like everyone to know that I am doing Ok and God continues to show up in my world for things I have and not asked for. I have what I need and am continuing on with his help. I have volunteered with a group of Vietnam Vets who also are making sure everything is ok. God Bless you all. love you

Kindra , ok

Concerned Parent for Child

6/8/2016 1:16:50 PM

Praise GOD my boss son has been found safe and sound, asleep from exhaustion. Continued prayer for his son's anxiety and to know "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!" We aren't alone, GOD is with us...ALWAYS!Continued FAITH, PEACE and HOPE in JESUS CHRIST ALWAYS!

Jessica, Az