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Stronger Together in Prayer

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Dear God Praise Reports

Sold our house

1/10/2017 7:07:56 AM

Hi, I want to give God thanks for hearing and answering all our prayers for the sale of our house. It sold in 23 days. To God be all the glory. Thank you also to everyone who prayed. I appreciate you all taking the time to pray. God truly loves us enough to help us through anything. : )

Ruth, MI


12/30/2016 12:38:59 PM

So I've asked for prayer requests before as I was in a bad situation in my job. Good news! God heard the prayer requests and I have a job with a fabulous company doing exactly what I hoped to be doing. It took a while to find the job, but I have and I am so very thankful!! So thank you for your prayers!!! As usual, God heard all of us and delivered!

Alicia , IA

answered prayer of reconciliation

12/27/2016 4:35:41 AM

My daughter and I had a falling out over the holiday. I was absolutely vexed in my spirit about it and had decided many times to write her of how she dishonored her father.She has always been a very sour person but I didn't help matters. I would pray and lay it at the Lord's feet but I would never leave it there. Each time I thought about it , I would be more enraged and ready to write a message that would only be more destructive but each time I would pray for peace because I couldn't find it on my own, each time I was prepared to put hurt feelings to paper, God would tell me wait. Each time , "wait" . I didn't know He was working on her. She is also pregnant with our first grandchild. I could have done so much damage that I wouldn't be the integral part of it's life that my grandfather was. This morning, I awakened to find an apology text on my phone. I praised God all the way to work! I am still praising Him. I might have done irreparable damage but THe Lord! All I can say is But THE LORD! WHERE HE IS , THERE IS HEALING! ASK FOR IT AND WAIT.

Jim Tom, Al

Finances/church proprty/sanctuary

12/21/2016 6:17:22 AM

This is to thank all who have been praying for us. I had asked for prayer for God to provide towards the full purchase of a piece of property and raise a sanctuary in Nairobi, Kenya, where I shepherd a small church community of mostly economically challenged but firm believers. Good News: Over the last three months God has miraculously provided bit by bit and now the walls of part of the sanctuary are up – an indication that He who started the good work will eventually complete it. Thank you guys for standing with us. KEEP PRAYING – IT’S NOT IN VAIN!

Bernard, Kenya

Peace in Crisis Update

12/20/2016 7:40:17 AM

I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who prayed for my family and who had us in their thoughts and continuous prayers. My step dad came back home last night crying and seeking to restore his marriage with my mom. They are trying to work things out, one day at a time. However, this back and forth has been going on for years where I feel not hatred for my step dad but something past the phase of disappointment to just numbness. I've forgiven him but I plan on moving out because seeing my mom and 8yr sister so broken this last time made me realize enough is enough. I shall continue to help my mom and sister when they need me but I am an adult who has to live their life as well. I've always put others first so for once I am doing something for myself which is to find peace.


My Granny

12/8/2016 8:50:16 PM

I want to thank everyone for praying for my granny. She is doing a lot better!

Carrie, AR

Prayers Answered

11/30/2016 6:55:28 PM

Recently I've had some set backs and I've asked for prayer and everyone has taken the time to pray for me. My truck is being repaired and isn't costing me as much as I'd expected and also my paycheck came through within an hour of my prayer request. Thank you so much and God bless



11/5/2016 1:45:42 AM

I asked for prayer last week and i am so greatful for the house fm and the prayer board. Although the struggles are not over i know we are headed in the right path and changes are being made. When i was low and hurting it seemed like just at tge right time in that moment(s) i would get an email saying someone had prayed and knowing that made it so much easier to take a deep breath and relax. Thankyou to everyone willing to pray IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Healed in Health and Marriage

10/31/2016 2:32:56 PM

Thank you House FM for creating this powerful prayer wall and to all those who come here to pray for those in need. A few years ago I posted a prayer request for my husband and I. He started having an affair during his monthly business trips. My husband met this woman from Haiti at a business meeting and soon after the affair started. He said they had so much in common that she could be his twin and will never meet anyone as incredible as her. I went to the prayer wall and posted a prayer request to save my marriage. I received many prayers and support. With much prayer, my husband chose to save our marriage. He let the other woman know that he loved me and wanted to save our marriage and no longer wished to see or hear from her again. She sent a message to my husband. She believes the way to attract and lure a man is to mirror his image. She was surprised to find that he chose his wife over her. She mentioned that every man she meets always leaves her. She also, said that she was an accomplished liar and gets carried away with things. This was a very dark time, my husband said that he felt like he was in a fog and can’t remember some of the things that happened. It has been a long road to recovery. God has so lovingly restored our marriage. Our love (Agape) and relationship is stronger and better than ever. We are so happy and thankful that we chose to stay together. I am so thankful for GOD showing me how to forgive. So much good came out of this terrible ordeal. I am here today as a testimony of GODs miracle.

Cindy, PA


10/23/2016 10:42:46 PM

I asked for prayers about a month ago. Had very bad lower pelvic pain and I was schedule for an ultrasound. But THANK GOD, and Jesus Christ - test came back negative and the moment I put my prayers on the prayer wall and my family began to pray for me; the pain want always and I wanted to say thank you to all who prayed for me and God bless you and keep you. Thank you House FM God Bless!!

Angelics , CT