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Stronger Together in Prayer

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Dear God Praise Reports

feeling depressed & suicidal

2/27/2017 7:05:20 AM

about 2 months ago, I left a voicemail stating that I felt suicidal. now God has lifted me up out of the depression and is showing me the reason for the depression and other things that had been happening. thank you all so much for your prayers.


House FM

2/23/2017 10:45:03 AM

This station is very uplifting. I've been listening for years. It's like night and day for someone like me, who use to listen to Country and Rock to go to Christian radio. Recently many times I've heard three and four good songs in a row. I can't say enough about it. There's a great feeling listening to the station. Especially with the way the world is going, it's very encouraging to have a station that's talking God.

Karl, OK

Honor and Glory to GOD!

2/22/2017 8:09:24 AM

The GOOD and FAITHFUL Lord of Host, has answered this faithful Mother's cry for her children to be successful and to pass all of their subjects! The Lord, the Righteous Judge of ISRAEL, is HE who holds the Universe! The GOD who commanded a worm to eat the leaves of a tree to withhold shade from a disobedient child, is the same GOD that HOLDS the UNIVERSE, and will not let HIS Children's feet strike the stones! HALLELUJAH! ALL HONOR, ALL GLORY to GOD! Faithful listeners: "He who has ears, hear"! That the WORD of GOD Does Not Come Back VOID! Call out to HIM; Make your request known unto the Lord, and HE will make your way straight! Lord Jesus, your faithful, humbled child praises and thanks you, and is in awe of YOU! Your love endurs forever! LOVE!


Husband left

2/14/2017 8:34:18 PM

About five months ago I asked for prayers. My husband left me for the world. But a week ago we talked, we cried, we talk some more and today I stand to give God all the glory, my husband is back and walking stronger with the lord. I can see the changes the lord has made in my husband. I thank God Daily for his mercies and all his love. Thank you all who prayed and God Bless you all. I know God is real he made a miracle out of my mess Thank You Jesus!


My mother's surgery UPDATE!

2/12/2017 12:10:10 AM

My mother has made it through a successful surgery! We found out the surgeon is also a follower of Jesus and he prayed over my mom in the operating room! What an answer to prayer! Now the next 48 hours is critical on how her body will respond to the shock of surgery. So prayers still needed for that! She will be sedated for a few days and on a respirator for the next week to help support her lungs. Thank you Lord and thank you to everyone who has and is praying! God is working miracles!

Elizabeth , KS

Praise for answered prayer!

2/7/2017 5:26:25 PM

God has been moving mightily in my life and my family. I have a great new job I started on the 23rd of January. There is sooo much peace in my life and a growing heart desire to serve God like I have never done before! Also, God is mending past relational issues, and my direct family children are even being positively affected by the prayers. God has really been working within me to free and clear my mind and heart to see His heart, His plan, and His purpose for me and my family within the River Valley area. Please continue to pray! I will post another prayer with more detail!

Michael, ME


1/31/2017 2:48:16 PM

Thank you so much for the pray. As of now I get to keep my job of 18 years for a few more months. If I pass the next evaluation I may get to finish out my work years here. But I don't know Gods plan for me or his plans for these young men I now work for. It would be a joy to see these men come to God, believe in the one true living God & put self aside. Sincerely, The only girl left standing in this office.


God's Will

1/25/2017 9:48:32 AM

Last week I asked for prayer that I would live with God as my true King. For a long, long time, I have been afraid to turn my whole life over to God. I wanted control to protect myself. I grew up with an abusive earthly father, and through Celebrate Recovery, God showed me He is not anything like the man I grew up with. The chains of the effects of abuse are breaking, and I am amazed at the work God is doing in my heart to transform me and free me to love Him as He wants me to. None of this has been "easy" as I hoped it would be, but it has been freeing because of the work I can see and feel God doing in me. He is amazing, even in the pain, I know He is for me. Thank you for the prayers.


Housing Situation

1/21/2017 8:34:09 PM

Thanks to all who have prayed to help me get my house fixed and sold. A young couple will be moving in soon but just renting at first. Continued prayers that this couple will come to know and seek Christ as well as blest with what they need to plan a beautiful wedding.


Sold our house

1/10/2017 7:07:56 AM

Hi, I want to give God thanks for hearing and answering all our prayers for the sale of our house. It sold in 23 days. To God be all the glory. Thank you also to everyone who prayed. I appreciate you all taking the time to pray. God truly loves us enough to help us through anything. : )

Ruth, MI