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Stronger Together in Prayer

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Dear God Praise Reports


2/1/2016 7:57:51 PM

My mom has been stressed about having four kids and that she has to watch them all so im just asking for praise for her so she will have strength in god and God will help her through tough times


I am

1/30/2016 5:55:26 PM

Thy kingdom come

samantha, tn


1/19/2016 3:55:37 PM

This means a lot to my family. Thank you!!! We know times are hard, but my family has more faith than ever because all of you are praying! So far, we have eleven praying for us! please, please, please keep praying for the Apgar family!!! - Katie Apgar age 9

Katie, OK

Glory to God

1/12/2016 11:36:31 PM

All I can say is God is awesome praise His name

Duige , Fl


1/12/2016 3:08:22 PM

A couple of hours ago I posted a prayer request asking for prayers to get my friend into a drug rehab center that we can't afford & I've been praying for him (and posting requests to the effect) that he would get into rehab. I did some more searching thinking maybe I needed to find a new place for him. I clicked on a link and messaged them asking for more information regarding their program. It turns out that they function to help people raise the money to go SPECIFICALLY to the rehab facility I was looking at! AND then as I was telling the founder about my friend he said "Are you talking about..." and named him by name! He said that he has known him for years and that they were once very close and he is going to reach out to him!! THEN while I was messaging him, my friend called me and he was sober for the first time in two months! PRAISE GOD!!! Please keep praying! Keep praising! God is moving!!


Thank you

1/6/2016 8:16:01 PM

I just wanted to thank those who prayed for me yesterday. I had asked on prayer wall for prayers for protection from the enemy, especially on the job and I specifically was needing clarity and wisdom on how to fight the spiritual battle I know I'm in. I just wanted you to know today I fasted and prayed all day. I immersed myself in His word and I had a great day. Oh how the enemy hates when we grow! I know The devil has a huge target on my back, but my God is bigger! I will be victorious in Jesus name. My God is my vindicator, my helper, my strong tower. Thank you Jesus and thank you brothers and sisters in Christ who interceded on my behalf. May Gog bless you in return.


Thank you!

1/4/2016 8:02:41 PM

I just want to thank everyone for the prayers and just say how awesome this is that we can all come together and pray for each other! "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20


Praise Report

12/28/2015 3:31:59 PM

My friend in the Lord, Phillip, was blessed with financial help recently. He was able to move to a new building and pay rent for it.


thank you

12/26/2015 12:02:23 PM

I want to thank everyone for their prayers for strength. It is with a heavy, but joyous heart that I say that my grandmother spent Christmas in heaven with our Lord. She left us at 530pm Christmas Eve. We are sad for her passing, but so very happy that she is not suffering anymore. We know that she is perfect in Heaven, walking hand in hand with Jesus and watching over us. God bless you all, and I sincerely hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas.

Christopher, Ok

Together we are overcomers

12/16/2015 8:55:31 PM

I just wanted to say thank you because this time last year I asked for prayers to help me overcome the battle of self harming. You all became my prayer warriors and are amazing. So I will say thank you again because God answered my prayer and I am proud to say that I have been self harm free for 1year and 13 days. Even when life has us down, with God we can get back up and climb higher in our walk with him.