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Listener Comments

Here's what listeners have to say about My Praise FM.  Only a few of the comments we receive are posted here.

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Tammy C

10/25/2016 12:32:22 PM

It seems that on the days I have really been in a spiritual battle, I turn on My Praise FM and the Very song I Needed to hear was the very one that was on the radio playing. I am so thankful for the hearts of the djs, the true compassion they show to all of us listeners and the heart they have for the Lord Jesus. I am blessed to have found My Praise FM. Thank you so much. God bless.

london, Other
9/14/2016 1:39:02 PM

Life changenging music every. Mypraisefm has now become part of my praise and part of my life. God bless you.

Nassau ,
9/8/2016 8:43:11 AM

I listen to you guys every single day especially in the mornings while getting ready for work. I am a Police Officer in The Bahamas. Love you guys keep spreading the message of God through song...focus on the family love it. Keep me and my comrades in prayer.

Grafton , WI

4/8/2016 11:01:10 AM

I've been going through some hurts with my adult daughter and want to pull away to avoid more pain. I've been trying to move past it but just can't seem to do so. The Lord has spoken to me so many times today through your messages that it's almost as though some one knocked me upside the head and said, 'why do you keep carrying this burden?' So, thank you for giving me God's message from his word. I have now given it up to Him and will move on knowing the He will use it for good!

Pond Creek,
United States
3/8/2016 10:36:25 AM

My husband and I were recently on vacation. When we got back in the car and into range for 90.5 out of Enid, I was so calmed to hear the station again! I love the music, and really miss Faith88 radio when busy or gone. Thank you for feeding all of us with God's word thru the great music you play and all the services the stations provide. I've been listening and pledging since I started listening to the stations. Love Love! Sincerely Sue

Vicente López,
3/8/2016 9:25:36 AM

Hi, I realize that I listen you since my baby girl was about born. Now they are two: Trinity and Joseph, 4 and 1 each one. I made contributions the first year but then my country made my impossible to keep doing so. I urge my brothers who can do it, just do it. You are my daily path to God. You are the reason I could work in peace. Thanks for make it possible for me.

Enid, OK
United States
3/4/2016 11:41:49 AM

I just recently started listening to this station during the 30 day trial. Before I only ever listened to country music radio and since switching, I can't go back to it cause I love how uplifting everything is especially with the hard times I'm going through. I'm unable to make a pledge do to no job yet but I've definitely been touched. Happy birthday to anyone that shares a birthday with me today. Thanks for bringing me closer to Christ.

Tonkawa, OK

3/1/2016 4:19:29 PM

Right song at the right time!!! My mother passed away in January 2015. I still miss her very much. One day in particular I was missing her more than usual and I was having a really rough time. I got in my car and turned on the radio and Francesca Battistelli starting singing "Angel By Your Side" Wow! I just started to cry. That was the sign I needed from my mom to know that she was right there beside me. I am so excited for the day that I will be able to see her again, but I know that in the meantime she is watching over me. Thank you for your music and God Bless You and the wonderful ministry that you share.