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Here's what listeners have to say about My Praise FM.  Only a few of the comments we receive are posted here.

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Osakis, MN

12/20/2014 10:45:35 AM

God has change my life through prayer draws me closer everyday through worship and song. When I listen to MYPRAISE.FM on through the web page it just lifts my spirit. I don't do Christmas cards my wife would but not me, but I heard a song from Stephen Curtis Chapman for the first time called Christmas Card never thought what it could me to someone when they receive that. I wand to thank you. "What ever you do, do it with all your heart as working for the Lord and not for men". Colossians 3:23

Ajax, Other
11/26/2014 7:57:35 AM

Good morning Klvv Team, pray that all is well with everyone. My family and I continue to enjoy and blessed every day thru klvv programming. We just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and pray and Thank God for each and everyone one of you. Enjoy the day with your Family and friend. Each day is Thanksgiving as believers. Look forward to tomorrow, Christmas Songs, YEAH. Blessings Joy

Limbazi, Other
11/17/2014 8:35:13 AM

Hi, I just heard that you are sending Christmas boxes to Latvia. That so awesome. I'm from Latvia. There still are so many families in need for such joy and practical help in Latvia. But let me tell you. Your great work has inspired Latvians to also get together Christmas boxed for kids in Syria. We hope to put together 3000 boxes. God is at work. And He loves His children no matter where they are. Dace [Dot'say]

Markham, Other
7/4/2014 9:32:31 PM

Love this station

Newkirk, OK

5/23/2014 5:55:57 PM

I just got my T-shirt from the shareathon. I love it!! Finally a more feminine shirt!! Love the color (pink or chartrus?) really nice!! Thanks very much & thanks for being a blessing to so many for so long! I've listened to My Praise FM since the very beginning & it continues to bless my spirit! Thanks again!

5/11/2014 9:24:28 AM

I like listening to My Prase FM.Iam very much inspired by the songs you play. i get spiritual blessings listening My the Lord continue to bless you for good work

Chun Ti
Kuala Lumpur ,
4/28/2014 4:09:09 PM

Listen everyday non stop from iPad..iPhone and on the net..I also ask my church members to listen to mypraisefm. . Thanks God for mypraisefm and playing such anointing worship song and message..

Vicente Lopez, BA, ARGEN,
4/25/2014 8:59:04 AM

I've just listened 3 doctors died in Afghanistan. Really sorry for their families. Yes, real martyrs. I'd like to ask you something really small about the way you told this sad news. You said something about the difference between comfort life in the states and the risk outside US. For me who listen from Agentina sounds quite weir. Our country is not as comfortable as US but is not like been in a war. I feel you are my brothers and I can tell you this: US is not the only place for living christian life, a peaceful life with your family. I know you didn't want to say this but it sounds like that. There are lot of wonderful places here we can give thanks to Lord for having a great life in. I'd be glad you to know my country, my city. Thanks for been there, and have a great Easter time!!

Wichita, KS

4/16/2014 10:46:41 AM

this song is So ponient... "Why" Breaks my heart and I hope it helps someone understand the Love of Jesus and HIS Daddy....

London, Other
4/10/2014 12:37:04 PM

Thank you for the good work insipiring music!!!ever

Pinellas Park, FL

3/17/2014 2:30:45 PM

So Far I Enjoy Listening To My Praise FM On My Laptop It Encourages Me In My Walk With God No Matter What Situation I'm In Not Only That But It Also Helps Me Relax While I Enjoy My Everyday Life Without Worrying About The Things Of The Past Keep On Playing The Music That Lifts Up My Spirit God Bless.

Ralston, OK

3/14/2014 10:22:12 PM

I have listened to the love station since 1993. I have 25 grand and great grandchildren that I pray for and hope to have listen at some point in their life. There are 2 songs right now that have spoken to me lately, I am and I am an overcomer! In the storm "I am" is always with me. I cannot even express what this station means to me. I listen at every opportunity I get. This is the reason I give every year. It is God's money and He will see us through! Thank you for your dedication!

3/14/2014 9:11:00 AM

I am blessed that people in US still have the heart to help, i am listening from Ghana, even though i can not pledge any financial support, but i am praying with you all. keep up the good work and stay blessed

Burlington, NJ

3/10/2014 10:47:14 AM

I pledged last week, as this I listen to this station EVERYDAY at work, it is my lifeline. Awesome uplifting songs, yes, Crowder - Iam! Carter and Tony are awewome, make me laugh. Love to All. God Bless you, praying you meet tour goal for the Pledge Drive.

Vicente López, Other
3/6/2014 8:37:48 AM

hey I´m still listen to you, and wondering how could I help. This year things are not that well in financial field but I felt I couldn´t remain without telling you what you mean to me and my family. We share the program focus on the family and participate in families groups with their insights. Thanks a lot for been there. I keep praying for your pledge drive. God bless your work

Laichingen, Other
3/4/2014 12:56:29 PM

Hey ;) I am Corny, 17 years from Germany. Trough chance, i found your radio station in Internet! And i am fascinated!! Thanks a lot for your great job. God will bless you, best wishes, Corny

Cabinda, Other
2/23/2014 1:56:20 PM

Hi, I would like to thank God for making this station exist because the songs, the prayers and the words of God that is spoken when I am listening to it makes me feel peaceful; Specially because at most that I listen to it I am in the office working. So, thank you all for making this station be what it is. God bless you all. Your faithful; Simao Chico

karachi, Other
2/22/2014 10:53:23 PM

hEY blessed people of GOD you are great full of are lighting up us AMEN.

Pembroke Pines, FL

2/22/2014 9:22:15 PM

I'm a pastor of a small Spanish congregation in S. FL. Every time I sit to work on my computer the first thing I do is turn you guys on. Excellent music, especially Saturdays flash backs and great DJs. May God continue to bless your ministry.

Falls Church, VA

2/5/2014 8:00:06 AM

The station keep me going the whole day while working. All the glory to God!

1/29/2014 7:46:03 AM

The music simply bless my Soul.....I am tuned in...Keep up the great work & the good Lord Bless u.

Stilbaai, Other
South Africa
1/25/2014 11:46:49 PM

What a blessed Jesus-centred, joyous station. A privilege that we here in South Africa can share in listening via the Internet. carel-j