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What is a Day Sponsorship?

It is a unique gift and way to show your support to The House FM and My Praise FM, by sponsoring a day of programming on your favorite station!

For a monthly gift of $100 (or one time gift of $1,200), you can choose an open date on either station to sponsor.  You will get a recorded message that will run 12 times that day with the information you provide!  It could be for a birthday, anniversary, or other special day in your life.  It can even be for a business you own or manage (certain restrictions may apply).

You will get to choose what the message says, and you and your family can record a message yourself if you like.  On the day your message is aired, you will also get a copy of the audio sent to your e-mail so you can treasure your memories forever.

To take the next step in becoming a day sponsor and supporting The House FM / My Praise FM Click here