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Submitted By   Anonymous
Prayer Subject   Deliverance and Salvation
Prayer Request   Please pray with me that God will completely deliver Z from homosexuality, pornography and porn star addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, sexual immorality & the drag queen and gay lifestyle. May he not expose his younger family members and admirers to his iniquities, in turn ruining their innocence. God please surround him with Godly people who will not enable him or tempt him to fall back into a life of sin. May the generational curses that have tethered him from childhood be broken and destroyed, never to return again. God, please fill him with Your Holy Spirit and restore his conscience. God, please restore his temperament, and release him from the bondage of depression. Give him strength and willpower Lord, & the power of discernment, & open his eyes to 'friends'. May he put his trust and faith in You, and not the doctors who are "treating" his illness, but really trying to kill him and just make money off of his med care in the process. All these things, I touch in agreement with other prayer warriors and intercessors, believers in Jesus Christ, in the name of Almighty Yeshua, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, amen.
Date   2/10/2019 1:00:47 PM
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