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Submitted By   Anonymous
Prayer Subject   Salvation, protection, and guidance
Prayer Request   I have been married to my wife for a couple of years and in the last few months it has come to light that she has secretly been practicing Hermeticism and Chaos Magic. Since I learned about it she has gone all out with it not having to hide it anymore and refuses to come to church. I told her I don't want our kids to know anything about it and to continue to grow up going to church and to not involve any of us in her spells. No matter what happens with our relationship, I can't keep her from her kids. I don't want them to end up being influenced by or even know of this evil, especially when they get old enough to reach the rebellious stage because they think it's cool and get caught up in it. I ask for prayer that my wife sees that what she's playing with isn't what she thinks it is and comes to the Lord. I also ask for a blanket of protection over my family from all of this along with the knowledge and guidance to deal and get through all of this.
Date   12/14/2018 8:23:10 AM
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