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Submitted By   Tara
Prayer Subject   Marriage
Prayer Request   I recently left everything i knew and loved (family) to move out of my home state to live with my husband and his son. my husband and i recently got married in July, and it has been rocky. I know God is using this to change me and my own heart, but with a husband who doesn't show empathy to my needs -- it's very care to just keep going, with everything so new in my life. He has other obligations that I feel are before me at times, and because of that my heart has grown callous toward him. Sometimes i wonder if we made the right choice to get married. Please pray for us. I feel like i have lost myself in this move and transition, but i believe God will complete a good work in me. We both need a heart change, only that God can supply. We barely communicate, which doesn't help my anxiety or this situation that has put me in a lonely place at times. Thanks for your prayers -- Your willingness means more than you know -- prayer is what is going to pull us through. God is good and is a faithful friend, and I know I can rest in that -- even when i'm stuck in a lonely place with no one else around. God bless you!
Date   12/5/2018 3:47:27 PM
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