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God can still do miracles!

In their new song "I Need a Miracle", Third Day sings about it: "No matter who you are and no matter what you've done, there will come a time when you can't make it on your own. In your hour of desperation, know you're not the only one praying 'Lord above, I need a miracle.'"

We want to encourage you not to be afraid to ask for a miracle, whether it be about your finances, marriage, relationships, job, your future, etc. Ask God right now to do a miracle in your life, then have faith that He will.

Ask others to pray with you for a miracle here.

People have shared at the bottom of this page how God has worked a miracle.

Read below for some awesome miracle stories!!

Rob, from Seminole, I’m proud to be a member of a spirit filled church that still believes in the power of the Holy Spirit. I have seen physical healing in my wife and children. When Jesus ascended to Heaven he told us that he must go so that the Holy Spirit may come, and through the spirit WE shall do the same and greater things that Jesus had done. He said this for NOW. I’m a paramedic and my wife is an RN and so we have a little better understanding of the ailments he has healed, he’s amazing. He does what he said he will do. All it takes is FAITH. If you do not belong to a spirit filled, full gospel church your missing out. God is waiting and ready to move, sadly so many religions for whatever reason refuse to acknowledge his clear instructions.

Corinne, Navarre, FL, I was in danger of losing an acquaintance ship with a guy that I met that my parents didn't necessarily like. So, I prayed to God to help with the situation and for the friendship to continue. A month and a half later, the guy and I are dating, how cool is that!

Emalou, My miracle was for healing when I was born I was born with a very mild case of cerebral palsy and I have always wore a brace on my left foot when I was thirteen I was at church camp and one of the guys there always hated seeing me always the slowest picked last crippled person so we had church one night and he prayed for me and I've been told for 12 yrs of my life u can never get rid of cerebral palsy u live with it forever but that night I was healed now I can run as fast as my friend I'm not picked last and I'm a normal teenager and now I'm sixteen and I with God’s help keep proving the doctors wrong I've been proving the docs wrong ever since birth.

Casie, Norman, Last year my daughter got very sick and was unable to eat. She lost over 10 lbs in 2 weeks time. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong. She had to be hospitalized for almost 2 months. Some thought she wouldn’t make it. But I had faith in God that she would eat again and come home. I prayed day and night. I just knew in my heart without a doubt that she would pull through. She did come home. And she's a happy, healthy little girl again. I thank God for all he has blessed me and my family with. And he continues to bless us every day. He has blessed us with another day. Sometimes we look for the big blessings but we forget that God has already blessed us with the simple things in life like food, water, shelter, the clothes we wear, doctors. We all need to be thankful every day. Tomorrow is never promised.

Chuck, Fairfax, VA, 1) My wife and I are both from DC area. Moved around for 14 years after marriage. Was living in Minnesota but wanted to get back to DC so our sons could grow up around their grandparents... Sent out probably over 200 resumes to companies anywhere between New Jersey and Atlanta... just wanting to get back to the East Coast (within driving distance). Application after application. Nothing. Finally, decided that I cannot do this myself - and gave it over to God. "Lord, allow us to move back closer to our parents. Somewhere closer than where we are now." Within a week: received a call from a company that was intrigued by my background (totally different than their business)... but thought I'd be a good fit with a different, but important perspective. Was interviewed and was offered the job and started two months later! Location? Alexandria, Virginia! 10 minutes from my parents. Lesson learned: cannot do it yourself. Have to give it over to The One who is sovereign!

A friend’s daughter has found herself 15 and pregnant. She was seriously considering an abortion. She reached out to me by email and we mentioned in during Praise and Prayer this morning, asking God to intervene and save the life of this little unborn child. My friend just called me. I was talking to her about her daughter and she said that she can’t make that decision for her daughter and that her daughter WANTS TO KEEP THE BABY!! AMEN!!! Can you say halleluiah? WOO HOO! She’s doing the right thing. I’m so proud of her decision. She’s taking responsibility for her actions.

Elida, Chicago, I needed new tires for my car to travel to a job interview and through a long chain of events I not only received new tires but I also received a new study bible that I had only thought about and not even prayed about. It has been a blessing even now.

Tiffany, from Camron, I'm a mother of three. I was bound by drug addiction off and on for 9 years, I left my husband and kids for three weeks and was using every day. Thank God I have a Godly husband and most of all a loving and forgiving Lord!!!!! I went to the hospital and fell on my face crying out to my Father to take the want for the drugs and taste for it away and I gave it to Him and left it with Him, and in three weeks I will be clean and sober for a year !!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! I and my family are a Godly family and very happy!!!!! Thanks for hearing my story. God bless you all and remember nothing is too big for our God!!!!!!!!

Alicia from Medford, Our miracle is a continuous one, on April 12 2010 my 20 year old son , who is a high voltage lineman, was electrocuted in Binger Okla. Cody didn't have a heartbeat for 45 min. but the guys in the field refused to give up and kept doing cpr, an ambulance was dispatched from El Reno and had the big equipment that could hopefully shock Cody's heart into beating again, took two tries on the ground, loaded him in ambulance and had to shock him again, all in all Cody had to be shocked 6 times before reaching Integris Heart Hospital in OKC. Cody wasn't expected to live thru the night, just too much time without oxygen, let alone the organ damage they expected him to have with as much electricity that went thru him, the ER nurses held him in ER because she was afraid I wouldn't see him except in the morgue, that is the one thing I prayed for all the way to OKC, just let him hear me say I LOVE YOU just one more time please!!! Cody had amazing DR's who wouldn't give up on a 20 year old young man that was expecting a son 2 months, they cooled his core temperature to 92 degrees for 24 hours to give his organs a chance to recover, Cody was like a microwave, cooking from the inside. Once again didn't expect him to make it thru the night body had been thru so much, we prayed, prayed and prayed more, what is amazing about God's grace is that yes I was terrified of losing him, but felt God's calming comfort that he was there working for Cody. The accident happened on a Monday and Thursday morning Neurologist tested Cody and diagnosed him to be in an Alpha coma, less than 2% survive and those that do have very limited quality of life, Chaplin came we prayed around Cody and told him we weren't giving up that this was just Satan trying to weaken our faith, well Satan lost because Friday night Cody gagged for first time, Dr's still very reserved but his nurses and our family new GOD was as work and Cody was coming back!! A lot happened in the next 2 weeks but as you can see miracles were a happening, Cody beat all the odds and a month later was released for the hospital and on June 6 his son was born, new life meeting new life!! Praise God, Cody has very few lasting effects from the accident and his back to work doing what he loves...being an electrical lineman. The House FM was huge part of mine and his sisters recovery from this tragedy, when we were trying to stimulate him the nurse asked if we would like to have radio turned on, we told her yes, didn't give her a station and she picked The House FM and several times that first week the song That's What Faith Can Do was playing, Jesus was all over the 901 ICU wing especially in cubicle # 7, there was always an encourage song being played when we get updates from Dr's like the LORD was saying I got this keep believing!!! Thank you House FM for sending out God's message for us to hear and most of all THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING our Cody, we have a walking miracle that reminds us every day of the power and love our FATHER has for us. There are so many things that I could go on and on about the work we saw God doing in our lives and the lives we touched during this incredible journey but it would make a book, we started a blog that first night to help keep family a friends informed and it went worldwide!!! Amazing God we serve, if you want to see more of what God did during Cody's Journey go to

Anthony, I prayed God to fix my car because something was wrong with it and it was gonna be a lot of money to fix it... so i promised him to instead of bumping bad music in my car i would bump only christian music and now all i listen to is the house FM and God answer me and he fix my car.. :) if you have faith then you're capable of doing anything...i'm only 18 years old and i'm not embarrassed to say I'M CHRISTIAN or to only listen to christian music in my car.. GOD IS AWESOME!

David, Wichita, KS, Not me, Other believers prayed for me: In 2005, I was seriously injured in Tulsa, OK while crossing a busy street @ crosswalk & I was hit by a speeding car & thrown 100 + ft. & landed & on my head. I suffered head concussion & severe head trauma & broken Pelvis. I was unconscious in hospital emergency for 2 months before I woke up. During which time, my family had me on prayer lists at many churches from the midwest to the west coast. I was visited by pastors & believers who prayed over me in person. I was unconscious and not aware of any of it. But God was there watching over me. That plus the prayers of the body of Christ across the U.S., God has now healed and raised me back up! Just when they thought I might never wake up again, suddenly I did and began getting better. I spent the next 4 years in nursing homes & assisted living centers recovering and going through physical therapy, until finally i no longer needed a wheelchair, a walker, or a cane and I now get around fine without them. So much so that the state of KS decided I was doing so well, they no longer were going to pay for me to live at an assisted living center and advised me to go get my own place or I'll have to pay the whole assisted living bill myself. So I got my own place back here in Wichita where I was born. Though now officially ""disabled"" according to medical experts due to severe head trauma, and unemployable according to the SSA, I'm now on permanent disability & receive monthly payments. My condition following all this now does leave me with double vision out my peripheral range (so I can never drive a car) and frequent dizziness, tiredness, and limited lifting restriction of 50 lbs., and short term memory loss (which makes me unemployable, they say). But that's it. Otherwise I'm fine! Altogether not too bad for a guy who got run over by a car and was not expected to live!! All praise goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has done far more than I could have her asked or imagined! So I got living proof with documented scientific medical evidence that GOD DOES HEAL THE SICK!! So keep praying Bro's & Sisters, expect God to do the impossible! You will be amazed!