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Master's Touch Christian Bookstore - Ponca City
The Master's Touch donates 10% of purchases on Fridays to The House FM and
My Praise FM.   The Master's Touch has a new address at 312 E. Grand and offers Christian music, books, Bibles and more.

Webcast Your Church Services
The House FM and My Praise FM are offering to put your church service (audio or video) on the Internet.   The link is seamless as people click a button on your church website and the audio or video is played from our website without them noticing the stream coming from us.  The church sampled below donates $100 a month to our ministry and we give them use of our server to stream 5 Sunday morning services.   Inquire for other packages with our Assistant Programming Director, Darren Clonts at 800-324-8488.

Video or just audio is available and we can handle hundreds of people using it all at the same time.  This offer is open to any church, no matter the location.

See a sample service.  (High speed Internet required to watch.)