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Desktop Gadget

Listen to The House FM and My Praise FM on your desktop!

Now you can listen to The House FM or My Praise FM with a simple click of a button from your desktop at anytime!

Windows Vista / Windows 7 Installation Instructions
  1. click one of the links below
  2. click "I agree" on the next page
  3. open the downloaded file on your computer
  4. click "install"

The House FM Gadget Radio Player
My Praise FM Gadget Radio Player

If that is not working, chances are that you have Windows XP or another operating system that isn't supported.  You can still have quick access to The House FM or My Praise FM from your desktop by dragging the links below to your desktop.  When you want instant access to either stream, you can simply double-click the icon on your desktop!

Listen to The House FM
Listen to My Praise FM