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Audio Help

If you're having trouble getting The House's live audio to work on your computer, check out these tips.  There's also a form you can fill out at the bottom if you'd like to ask a question.  Thanks!

Test Your Audio
Sometimes the problem can be the speakers or sound card of your computer and not necessarily the House audio stream.  Please click here (.mp3 - faster test) or click here (.wav - if you can't play mp3's) for a 10 second audio test.  If you do not hear it, please check that your speakers are plugged in and turned on.

Ways to Listen
Stream Type Stream Rate "Music" Menu Option Playlist File
Windows Media 20k Listen Now 20k Playlist File
Windows Media 32k Listen Now 32k Playlist File
Windows Media 64k (Contributors Only) Listen Now 64k N/A
MP3 32k Listen Now 32k MP3 Playlist File
MP3 64k (Contributors Only) Listen Now 64k MP3 Playlist File

Note: Starting the stream using the "Playlist File" will open the strea on your computer's default media player program.


If you are listening on a Macintosh, please click the link below to listen to our stream in iTunes.   If it does not open up automatically, open iTunes, Click Advanced in the menu, then click Open Audio Stream.  Copy the link below and paste it into the box in iTunes.

Copy this url for My Praise FM : itms://

Player keeps saying "ready"
Sometimes Windows Media Player may not work for various reasons.  You could be behind a corporate firewall and they have streaming blocked.  Or, maybe they just have our stream blocked.  You can ask your network administrators if they have blocked our stream.  Sometimes the problem can be resolved by doing one or both of the following tips.

Open Windows Media Player.  On the menu click Tools then Options.  A box will open.   On the Player tab toward the bottom check "Connect to the Internet".  Then click OK.  Close windows media player and go to the House site and try to listen.

If that doesn't work, open Windows Media Player again and go to Tools and Options again and click on the Network tab.  Uncheck the box that says UDP.  Click OK and close Windows Media Player.   Go back to the House and try again to listen.

Real Player
The House's audio is available on the Real Audio Player using our MP3 stream above.
(It will play in whatever MP3 player you have ie: Real Player, Winamp, etc...)

Netscape Users
The House's web site is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer and the streaming audio uses the Microsoft Windows Media Player.  Unfortunately, Netscape browsers will not automatically launch our stream.  If you have a problem with the tuner using Netscape, please try option two or three mentioned above in "Ways to listen."

Your Computer
The faster your computer is and the faster your Internet connection, the better the audio will sound.  Just like the difference from a small transistor radio to your home stereo, what you're playing it on can make a big difference.  Opening other applications or visiting other web sites at the same time the audio is playing can make a difference as well.  Plus there are times that the network is very busy and everyone's connection will be affected.

What is Buffering?
When you first sign in, Windows Media Player will store a certain amount of the audio into the memory before it starts to play to give a smooth sound.   This is common and it is not terribly uncommon for the stream to stop from time to time and Windows Media Player to buffer while listening.

Audio Getting Stuck?
If audio stops for an extended time or gets stuck buffering, you may find that closing the Windows Media Player and starting over is helpful.

If you have more questions, please fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We will do you best to help or lead you in the right direction. The more information you can give us, the more we might be able to help you with.
We respect your privacy and will not rent or sell any of your information.

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act,
you must be 13 years of age or older to participate on this page of the website.